How to Go Carp Fishing Successfully


You like fresh and want to learn carp fishing? Let’s take a look at some of the carp fishing techniques that can help you in fishing and relax by the lake or by the river.

Take the Fishing Rod

fishingThere are dozens of carps in North America, but the fishermen want to catch only regular carp that weigh only 5 to 30 kilos. If you’re going to catch a rod that goes up the reel with a big fish, the fish will choose the rod.

To hook the basket you ask for, you must remember that the carp is slow and smooth. You can choose a fly fishing rod needed for fly fishing in the river or lake.

Best Bait and Hook

In general, fishers prefer 4-6 size hooks for fishing and love black hooks because they are much better camouflaged. Fishermen claim that the bait works better for fishing. But for some different types of carp reacts when using organic bait for them, it will not be enough.

The Best Season

Basically, carps are active and available in summer. From the moment they lay their eggs, they are looking for food. The dung fishing grounds are their pond, lake and river. Take some advice.


Best to Catch

There is no substitute for human beings. It is the most important key to success. Remember that carp are hard, they know and they will deceive you. Ignoring the smallest or fake lumps instead of pulling the hook is the mistake that happens over time. Don’t get too excited until the carp has taken the bait and make a lump on the hook. Until then, leave the reel in the mood.

Reeling a Crap

After setting the hook, the real conflict begins. Put the fishing rod away and concentrate on your fish. But don’t use force and stay calm, because it’s not a catfish, it’s the carp to drags with its soft, thin mouth. Allow the carp to fight in a fight that will probably make things easier for you. But yes, it’s hard, if you prepare so well, don’t give up. Please don’t lose your strong and successful grip. It’s an opportunity.

So now you only have a little clear idea in addition to the environment, hit and go to the pond and the river to grab a substantial fish and taste your first result.