How to Make Handmade Angel Christmast Decor


It seems like forever since I’ve written a craft post. But I have an excellent excuse: I’ve been busy looking for some new and fun holiday decorating ideas to share with you. Being inventive takes time, so don’t forget that. My goal here and with the next few posts I’m planning to publish would be to keep Christmas decorating as affordable and fun as possible. I know how expensive it can get during vacations, so my goal is to keep costs down by using a staples promo code for people who love crafts.

Affordable Decor Inspirations

chrismas ornamenNow grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and enjoy. You know, it’s only 11 months until Christmas as of when I’m writing this; it’s not too long when there’s a lot of decorating and gift-giving to do! It’s light and looks great on the Christmas tree, where the shiny part of the tin brings out the lights on the tree.

You can even use unique varieties of beverage cans to make them; the sky’s the limit. Angels are my favorite; who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful handmade angel for Christmas? Everyone will honor it, not because it’s so beautiful, but because you took the trouble to make it especially for them. Why not make Christmas more interesting this year by starting a new conference? Start by setting aside time for crafting with your loved ones or friends. It will be a blessing, guaranteed! See you soon.


bellCut into the can where the work information area is released, make a direct line, and then cut around the top region of the can, trying to keep it as straight as possible. Do the same with the bottom of the can: discard these pieces or use them for unique projects. Copy the rules for the human body and center them. 

Trace the human body and center it on the aluminum pieces and cut it out as straight as possible. This can ensure that it is easy to model your angel’s clothing, as you will find in the next step. Make sure the opening at the top is larger than the wire. Next, glue the two small pieces between your palms and fold the pieces toward the garment’s front.
Put a significant amount of glue inside the wings and then attach the body, leaving out the ribbon’s top to hang. Glue the jewel on top of your ghost into your halo (or use a ribbon or other gold wire that you can make a halo with). These can be made from various cans of your favorite beverages, so you get to recycle!

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